The Lore Institute has a strategy and methodology that has been developed for over 25 years that has put our lead management programs in a dominating position in every market we have implemented our programs. The concepts are simple to explain but not so simple to implement and execute. Leads need to be responded to quickly. We must know what the consumers' interest is before we respond, and our response must be in the right medium and be compelling. Once we have the privilege to communicate with the customer you must have a true customer benefit for working with your company. Then, it�s all about communication, expertise, and service. Keeping performance tracking on all aspects of the Lead Management process allows us to innovate and execute with high levels of conversion from lead to closed sales.

  • Develop and Implement Lead Sales Plan
  • Develop and Implement Lead Marketing Plan
  • Lead Acquisition and Conversion Processes
  • Implement Lore's Proprietary "Green | Yellow | Red" Tracking